If you are into the product that could produce a good quality result. Don’t settle yourself choosing the cheapest one or the one that you think is enough. Try to do some research and get to know deeper about that certain product. For example, about the concrete contractors you could look for this people around your areas. You could contact them and talk to them about the different products and good quality materials that you can use. It is going to be cheaper if you know how to look for something that has a good quality at the same time budget-friendly.  


If you notice a very thin layer to the concrete. It is called screed. It will give smoothness and a very good finishing touch to your concrete. It is being put to the base part to make smoother and add texture to the concrete.  

In this matter, you would need a help from professional people. It can be very difficult for those people who don’t have experience. If you don’t want to hire people to work for you. You can simply ask someone who is very good at doing this such thing. You could use your computer and click here connect it to the internet and look for something and very useful tips to help you throughout the procedure of putting this screed to your concrete.  

  • BONDED TYPE OF SCREEDS: You will know the exact meaning of this from its name. It will show you that it is totally bonded or compacted to one that you already prepared. It is very hick so you need to be very careful. The tendency to be cracked is very small.  
  • UNBONDED TYPE OF SCREEDS: This is the opposite of bonded screed. It is separated from the final part of the screed and concrete. You need to be careful as well with this kind of screed because it has a different usage according to the concrete that you are going to have. It takes time as well when it comes to drying because it needs the natural way of drying it.  
  • UNDER FLOOR HEATED KIND OF SCREEDS: It is a bit similar to the floating kind of screed. But this one is over the underfloor of the different pipes that is use for insulation. It maintains the place not to be cold nor hot. You have to make sure as well when you are using this. Proper amount of solution according to the needed one. 
  • FLOATING TYPE OF SCREEDS: It is being use for the thermal layer for the insulation. This is the opposite for the under floor heated kind of screed. This is also recommended to those who are having a very thick kind of concrete.  

Different screeds could vary according to the area and spaces that you are going to have. So, it is always a better choice to ask some professional people in this field to avoid mistakes.