If you’re restoring an old vehicle or repainting your current one, surely one of your challenges is what type of car paint to apply. This is challenging, since the paint of the car will have an effect on the exterior appearance of the vehicle. Not all car paints are the same. There are cheap ones and expensive ones. There are high-quality car paints and low-quality ones. There are those that matches the needs and requirements of the vehicle. You might not find the perfect color, but at least your car won’t look like it just came from a fresh accident. Your goal is to find the perfect type of car paint. The following are the types of Car Body Shop Gloucester to choose from.  

Car PaintsAcrylic Paint 

If you don’t have that much knowledge or experience about vehicle paints, then the acrylic paint is a good starter. This is a very popular paint among phoenix charters and motorists because of its easy application. Once applied, acrylic paint will leave you with a high glossed finish, which means anyone can apply this type. There are two types of acrylic paints. The other one is a two-stage paint, which needs clean topcoat. The one-stage type doesn’t require the clear top coat. We recommend the two-stage paint because it gives a smoother finish.  

The downside of this paint is that it tends to be soft, so the durability is at stake. This result to issues like the paint won’t last that long. Also, it doesn’t require well to UV rays and other chemicals, so once exposed too much to it, it will wear out. The result, you have to reapply the paint from time to visit karateclasseslosangeles.com official website, which makes the surface ugly overtime.  

Urethane Paints 

One of the most common car paints is urethan paint. This is popular among motorists too because you can use this paint with almost any type of paint without the negative reaction. When it comes durability, urethan paint is great because it can last for a long time. It has great resistance to fading and chipping, so if you take care of your car well the paint might last for 10 years or so. The downside is that, urethan paint gives your car the plastic look. So, if you really care about the exterior appearance of your car, this might not work well for you.  

Metallic Paint 

Metallic paints are popular amongst people who own muscle cars of sports car. It has an elegant finish, making your car stand out from the rest. Aside from the aesthetics value it brings, applying the car with a metallic paint also increases its resale value. The cons we found with this one is that it’s difficult to match with the car’s existing color. Repairing any damages or scratches to your car might be challenging because the metallic paint that matches the current color might not be available.  

Painting your car could be challenging and a lot of work, especially if you want to achieve durability and aesthetics value at the same time.